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Germany / Subzero

Franziska Agrawal  - Team Germany realizes works of Snow and Ice around the globe since 1999. Agrawal’s work is attributed to the distinct principle of concrete art, geometry and minimalism with focus on ’aesthetic essence’ coming ’directly from the mind’ – it’s about balance, reduction to the maximum and the transformation of what is. The sculpture shows something without similarities, a creation of form, surface and volume interacting with light, shadow and maximum use of the cube – dealing with matters of attachment, detachment and temporariness of existence.

Poland / Snow Art Poland

Snow Art Poland is a group of artist sculpting in a snow, created in 2014, by sculptor Tomasz Koclega – the leader of the team. Within the years Snow Art Poland participated in many competitions, representing Poland in Japan, China, Russia, France and Finland. The team received 7 international awards, at such well know contest like Sapporo Snow Festival – Harbin, China (three times), International Snow Sculpture Contest – Krasnoyarsk, Russia and at International Snow Sculpture Competition Japan Cup – Nayoro, Japan.

Ukraine / Team Ukraine

Our team has been formed in 2014. However, both of us have been working in the field of architecture, interior design, product design and public art. As a team we first started to work with snow as media, later on we tried sand sculpture, straw and hay sculpture (2016), and finally we got an experience to work with ice (2018). We had opportunity to participate in different competition and symposiums in different countries, including: USA, Canada, Mexico, KSA, China, Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Ukraine. Creating short-lasting art is an interesting and challenging task, we do not regret that our installations last not very long, maybe because they are now always perfect and do not deserve to exist for a longer period of time. Ice and snow installations underlines, ephemerality,fragility and impermanency of everything on this planet – these are also the main themes for our sculptures.

Russia / The Lion’s pride

The team organically intertwined traditions of 3 regions – the famous Bogorodsky craft center of wood carving from the Moscow region, the academic art of St. Petersburg and contemporary art of the Finno-Ugric Republic of Udmurtia. Team members work not only in the snow they are winners of international festivals of sculpture made of wood, ice, concrete, stone and scrap metal.

Czech Republic / Brrr

4 men who enjoy working with snow. 3 are czech, one is a fin. One has not been to Finland before, for another one this will be his first snow sculpting festival.